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Investigation and Analysis

Environmentally friendly...

What can we do for the theme regarded as the keyword of the age?
The key to find the answer will be in abundant data which we have accumulated while gazing at roads and talking with the environment.

Examination of Measures

Examination of Measures

Considering the environment, we investigate the actual condition of roads from various points of view, and analyse a occasion, future prospect and measurement synthetically. That is how we support to create the beautiful road environment inherited to the future.

  1. We investigate the earth, nature, lives and traffic synthetically, considering the effect to the air quality, flora and fauna, refuse disposal and recycle, and noise and vibration to roadsides, etc.
  2. We suggest the tree planting plan and the landscape plan creating the comfortable road space and harmonized with nature.
  3. We investigate the traffic situation and customers' demands, prevent an accident and traffic jam, and examine various measures to improve the traffic functions.