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Location of Local Offices

Office Name

Saitama Maintenance Planning Center Ichihara Maintenance Planning Center Takasaki Maintenance Planning Center
Utsunomiya Road Office Kazo Road Office Iwatsuki Road Office
Mito Road Office Yawara Road Office Misato Road Office
Chiba Road Office Ichihara Road Office Keihin Road Office
Nagano Road Office Saku Road Office Takasaki Road Office
Tokorozawa Road Office Sapporo Facility Maintenance Office Sendai Facility Maintenance Office
Niigata Facility Maintenance Office Saitama Facility Maintenance Office Technical Training Center

Main Business Area

We are providing the road environment trusted and loved for long in eastern Japan area.

Main Business Area

※This picture indicates the main business area. We execute duties related to communication and architecture in Hokkaido region, Tohoku region and Niigata Prefecture, too.