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Talent Training

Each of staffs in Nexco-East Engineering Co., Ltd is the specialist who pursues safe and comfortable roads. We develop the talents and technology affluently through various programs and support plans to grow employees' interest and potential.

<Talent Training> Everything Starts from the Training of Rich Human Resource

New Recruits Training

New Recruits Training

Gazing into the future of expressways, comprehending the thoughts of customers and developing the inquiring mind.
This kind of talent is considered to be the motive power of our exploration. That is why we think the potential of staffs is the most important and we have introduced various training programs. Not only the basic education to be a member of society, but wide range training program is executed such as various lectures and on-site inductions to improve the maintenance technology, environment knowledge, and operation capability of various equipment, etc. By introducing these training programs and integrating with the business contents and parsonal career plans, we attempt to make the advancement of the company through the advancement of the individuals.

Practical Training for Improvement of Skill Level

Practical Training for
Improvement of Skill Level

Technical Training Center

Technical Training Center

Also, the Technical Training Center in Takasaki was opened in April, 2012. It holds each technical levels of practical trainings and introduction courses to improve the on-site skills for maintenance inspection works and facility installation maintenance.

<Training of Technological Skill> This Accomplishment is the Proof of the Confidence as a Specialist.

Technical Training

Technical Training

Support for Technical Skills Improvement

To improve the practical capabilities for development of the company, and define unique images for road creation ――
We are also positively trying to improve technical skills.
The annual research conference is the biggest event as the conclusion of daily research. The conference has lasted for more than 20 years and it is one of the important target for every employees and the business activity team in their technological researches. By awarding good theses and studying each other's research accomplishment, the employees can mutually promote their motives for higher goals.

Support for Technological Qualifications Acquisition

We are encouraging our employees to acquire not only national qualifications but also all kinds of technological qualifications from many aspects.
In the company, our qualification holders hold the study meetings and correct the theses of other employee who are about to participate in the review examination. We also provide financial support to the employees who participate in the regular training courses for the qualification or the qualification updates.
Now most of our employees are qualification holders. They are holding a board range qualification such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, communication engineering, machanics, architecture, landscaping and system management, etc. We are responding all kind of business needs with our abundant technological abilities and skills.