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Every driver regards the safe road as quite natural...

We make extra special efforts every day to keep this "naturally" safe road.
This, is the maintenance duty of Nexco-East Engineering Company Limited.

Inspection Management

Inspection Management

We ensure the long and high-speeded driving for customers by utilizing our high-level technology, know-how, advanced equipment and systems which we, the specialists of expressway maintenance, have cultivated.

  1. We inspect and monitor various infrastructures and facilities such as a road structure, landscaping, electric facility, machinery, communication apparatus and drinking water in rest area and parking area, etc.
  2. In order to keep expressways best condition, we always rapidly respond to any kind of incidents from daily cleaning work to construction management such as repair, reinforcement and improvement work based on detailed inspection data and appropriate judgement.
  3. We investigate the actual conditions of a road proof stress, a slope and a rear slope, and realize positive safety through the knowledge about a material and the geology, and the eyes to find a weakness and a dangerous point.