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Privacy Policy

About the Security of Internet

Our website has several check systems and fire walls to prevent the illegal access.

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Basic Policy of Personal Information Protection

Nexco-East Engineering Company Limited (NEE) understands importance of the personal information (which belongs to a person and can be uniquely identified with the person). In order to be trusted by customers, we throughly protect it, observe laws about it, and make all possible measures for the personal information protection through the basic policy described below.

1.For Management of Information

We educate the person in charge of information management, establish and operate the information regime such as rules and manuals, and execute the safety measurements for information systems, which contributes to severe management of customers' information.

2.Collecting Personal Information

When we collect personal information of customers, we express the purpose of use clearly and use it with lawful and fair way.

3.Use of Personal Information

When we use customers' personal information, we make the purpose of use clear and do not use the information for other purposes.

4.Providing Personal Information

We do not provide and disclose the personal information to the third party without the customer's acceptance, except when it is required by laws and ordinances.

5.Proper Management of Personal Information

In order to provide customers better services, we always pay attention to keeping the personal information accurate and updated.

We perform necessary measures for proper personal information management such as prevention of the illegal access to the information, leak, loss, and destruction of the information.

6.Outsourcing about Handling Personal Information

When we need to provide personal information to other companies in order to outsource office works related to personal information handling, we choose consignees which handle the information properly. In addition to this, we make agreements with the consignees not to leak the personal information in the outsourcing contract, and supervise them accrately.

7.Noticing the Purpose of Use, Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of the Personal Information

When we are required by a customer and its agent to notice the purpose of use of the personal information, disclose, correct and suspend it, we respond to it within a rational period and a range based on laws and ordinances.

Also, we respond to other inquiries about the personal information rapidly and properly.


We appropriately review this policy and try for the improvement of it. When the policy is revised, we inform you its content after the revision.