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Design and Development

Comfortable driving environment...

It means a lot.
We create the comfort which suits with a stage, considering each customers' driving scenes from daily living and leisure to business.

Information System

Information System

The comfortable coexistence of humans and roads is important for the driving environment in a next stage.
We are working on creation of the comfortable and magnanimity road space which incorporates expressways and facilities with the nature.

  1. We provide the design plan harmonized with environment, paying attention to not only functions but also the scene.
  2. We pursue to create the human-friendly space by improving both of the outward appearance and the usability.
  3. We will introduce the advanced system such as optical communication network to various road facilities to provide and ensure the safe and comfortable traffic flow.
  4. In order to improve efficiency of road space creation, we are working on the technology development of various apparatus and new system which manages and utilizes a massive amount of data.