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Terms of Use

Please read the entire terms of use described below before you use any contents in this website. By accessing or using the website, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by these terms of use. Please understand that the terms of use may be amended.

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  1. We always update our web site to suit it to a new version of a web browser, but please understand that we can not guarantee the every function of the browser works properly on this web site because of its malfunctions not announced.

About Javascript

The Javascript is used in a part of our web site. The web browser which we recommend can use the Javascript by default. We recommend you to set up your web browser to accept the use of Javascript.

About Copyright

Basically the copyright of this web site's contents belongs to Nexco-East Engineering Co., Ltd. But the copyrights of some contents belong to the authors. You can download the contents, save them in your computer and print them for your personal use, but we forbid users to reproduce and reprint them to other websites and printed matters. In addition to this, you can not utilize the contents in this website beyond a range authorized in Copyright Act without the permission of the authors.

Immunity from Responsibility Matter

We do not guarantee at all whether the information in this website is correct, updated in appropriate time or useful for users, even though we publish it with extreme caution. We can not take responsibility at all about an error of the information in this website and a trouble occurred by using it. In addition to this, we do not take responsibility for any damage by replacement of the information, suspension and interruption of updating. Also, we are not responsible for any damage and troubles on a software and hardware because of use of the website. Please understand that the information in the website may be changed or deleted without a notice.

About Link

Feel free to link to this website, but please follow requirements mentioned below.

  1. Please indicate that the link is to Nexco-East Engineering Company Limited's website.
  2. Do not indicate this website as a part of your website by utilizing a frame function because visitors of your website may misunderstand about a source of the information.
  3. We also decline the links to website mentioned below.
    • Website which has contents against public order and morals.
    • Website which infringes or may infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights of us and the third party.
    • Website which slanders or may slander us and the third party.
    • Website which violates or may violate laws and ordinances.

We are not responsible for other websites linking to this website. We do not in any way warrant the safety and security of websites linking to this website.
Also, we do not manage and operate the websites linked by this website. These linked websites are operated by each companies and we do not have any responsibility for them.
You visit these websites on your own responsibility.