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Technical Training Center Established

Technical Training Center(TCC)

"Technical Training Center" is the training institute to improve the practical skills for inspection and maintenance.

Main Training Contents

Classes Practical Training
Maintenance:Introductory course of inspection and diagnosis / Intermediate level of inspection and diagnosis 1 / Intermediate level of inspection and diagnosis 2
Pavement:Pavement quality control / Pavement repair planning
Structure (Bridge, Tunnel):Concrete quality control / Structure health investigation
Earthwork, Slope:Earthworks quality control / Earthwork and slope health investigation
Disaster Restoration:Response to disaster, Early restoration, etc
Environment, Planting:Lessons to upgrade skills of planting management planning and planting works
Integration:Introductory course of integration and construction management / Execution plan of repair methods
Field Trip:Tour of construction site
Traffic:Practical business of traffic section
Information System:Basis of RIMS

Reuse of a removed main bridge and overpass
Measurement of Chloride Ion Quantity with the Device for Fluorescence X-rays Analysis
Investigation with the infrared rays

Facility ETC Equipment: Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Receiving and Distribution Apparatus:Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Private Power Generation Device:Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Cable Connection (Metal):Introduction / Intermediate
Cable Connection (Optical):Introduction / Intermediate
IP Technology:Introduction / Intermediate
Toll Collection:for new comers
Receiving and Distribution Apparatus Training (Comprehensive Technical Training)
ETC Equipment Training (Comprehensive Technical Training)
Other Trainings (Single Technical Training)