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About Civil Engineering Training

Civil training is conducted in Technical Training Center (TTC).

It was established in Takasaki City on April 24, 2012.

Technical Training Center is a training institute for education and training in order to improve the actual skills of inspection and maintenance.

"Civil Training" Improvement of on-site skills for maintenance inspection.

Recently, bridges are obviously damaged because of the increasing size of vehicles, increasing traffic volume and aged deterioration of the bridges, which causes falling concrete pieces. The bridge operated for 40 years has damages twice as much as the bridge operated for 20 years only. Now, in the jurisdiction of Kanto Regional Head Office, 10% of bridges are operated for 40 years and more, which will increase to about 50% 20 years later, and the inspection costs will also significantly increase because of increment of the deteriorated bridges.
We will deal with increasing inspection duties by improving quality of engineers and introducing new inspection technology.

Main Training Contents

Classes Practical Training
Maintenance:Introductory course of inspection and diagnosis / Intermediate level of inspection and diagnosis 1 / Intermediate level of inspection and diagnosis 2
Pavement:Pavement quality control / Pavement repair planning
Structure (Bridge, Tunnel):Concrete quality control / Structure health investigation
Earthwork, Slope:Earthworks quality control / Earthwork and slope health investigation
Disaster Restoration:Response to disaster, Early restoration, etc
Environment, Planting:Lessons to upgrade skills of planting management planning and planting works
Integration:Introductory course of integration and construction management / Execution plan of repair methods
Field Trip:Tour of construction site
Traffic:Practical business of traffic section
Information System:Basis of RIMS
Reuse of a removed main bridge and overpass
Measurement of Chloride Ion Quantity with the Device for Fluorescence X-rays Analysis
Investigation with the infrared rays

Reuse of Removed Bridge in
Main Line and Expressway

"Steel Bridge"

Outward Investigation, Crack Investigation (Magnetic-Particle Test), Weld Investigation (Ultrasonic Testing), Salt Content Investigation, etc.

"Concrete Bridge"

Outward Investigation, Rebar Placement and Cover Investigation, Salt Damage Investigation (Salt Content Investigation), Carbonation Investigation, etc.

Measurement of Chloride Ion Quantity with the Device for Fluorescence X-rays Analysis

Grasping the Health Condition of Concrete Structures against the Salt Damage


・Composition can be analyzed easily and rapidly
 on site.
・It is possible to analyze the chloride ion quantity
 easily and sensitively.
・Environmentally friendly analysis without using
・The analysis costs about 2/3 of the traditional
 analysis (potentiometric titration) cost.

Ultrasonic Investigation

The hammering test takes a lot of time and effort, therefore we try to improve the performance and efficiency of the inspection through specifying the area to be inspected by an infrared camera.