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About Facility Training

Facility training is conducted in Technical Training Center (TTC).

It was established in Takasaki City on April 24, 2012.

Technical Training Center is a training institute for education and training in order to improve the actual skills of inspection and maintenance.

"Facility Training" Improvement of the skills for facility equipment maintenance.

Approximately 970 of ETC lanes are managed and operated in the jurisdiction of NEXCO East. The ETC trouble with system suspension occurs about 510 cases a year, which affects about 0.36 million vehicles using the expressways. The second generation of ETC have been introduced for the ETC equipment renewal since 2010, but the new equipment needs to be tested before installation if the mutual communication between devices made by different manufacturer actually works. Because of the aging of experienced engineers and employment of inexperienced persons, OJT is not enough for improvement of the equipment maintenance skills, therefore we conduct the training using the real ETC equipment and power distribution apparatus in order to improve the skills to operate machines, inspect them and respond to troubles. We aim to train the facility maintenance engineers with reliable skills through a variety of trainings from maintenace duties to trouble response by professional instructors and practical lessons using actual equipment.

Main Training Contents

Classes Practical Training
Facility ETC Equipment:Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Receiving and Distribution Apparatus:Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Private Power Generation Device:Basis / Introduction / Intermediate
Cable Connection (Metal):Introduction / Intermediate
Cable Connection (Optical):Introduction / Intermediate
IP Technology:Introduction / Intermediate
Toll Collection:for new comers
Receiving and Distribution Apparatus Training (Comprehensive Technical Training)
ETC Equipment Training (Comprehensive Technical Training)
Other Trainings (Single Technical Training)

Receiving and Distribution Apparatus Training

The practical training is conducted in same condition as the actual site by utilizing the real receiving and distribution apparatus with 75kVA and private power generation devices with 50kVA.

ETC Equipment Training

The practical training is conducted in same condition as the actual toll gate by utilizing the mock toll gate (Each of the entrance and exit have 2 lanes.) with the second generation ETC equipment on 1 lane of the entrance and exit.